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Maethodoron: Fighters of the Oak

It was a bright, crisp March afternoon. A gentle breeze bristled through the leafless trees, which almost appeared to be a harbinger for the chaos to come. A heavy snowfall from the day before lay on the ground, and the cloudless sky provided sunlight that was completely blinding for the first few minutes the warriors were on the field. As their feet trudged through the virgin snow, the white flakes soon turned to a slushy brown, almost as if they meant to violate the peaceful calm of the crystallized water that lay about.

Two warriors, Alexandru and Lucius, stood side by side with their swords and shields as Moyare positioned himself between them with his spear. Across from the three warriors stood Menelwyn, a brave young woman who took up a spear for the first time. At her side was Mercaine, with Adovan opposite to him, both bearing swords and shields.

As the horn sounded, a flock of birds fled from what was to be the final glorious moment for all of the soldiers on the field. After several volleys back and forth from the spear bearers, Lucius and Adovan had both lost use of their legs due to devastating spear thrusts to their shins. The battle raged on; Moyare would thrust his spear at Menelwyn, and Mercaine would bash the shaft away from his comrades, deflecting serious blows. As Moyare was recovering, Menelwyn would thrust back, taking his arm. Not to be outdone, Moyare fights back furiously, thrusting and dodging until he beats back his foe, tiring his opponents and slaying Adovan.

Menelwyn fought furiously against a foe twice her size, but lost footing and was slain. Araduin took up her spear and battled in her place, slaying Lucius with a thrust of his spear into his chest.

After many volleys back and forth, the two spearmen, Moyare and Araduin, battled while their shieldmen Alexandru and Mercaine, did their best to defend their respective comrades. Araduin thrusted at Moyare; Alexandru deflected his shot, and recovered before Mercaine could claim his life. Not content with resting against a foe fresh in the battle, Moyare fought back valiantly, taking his opponent's leg, dropping Araduin to his knees. Araduin threw a shot back at him, which was deflected by Alexandru with his shield. As his shield was raised, however, Mercaine slashed violently at his lower half, taking his leg. Araduin threw a shot at Moyare, taking his left leg, but as Moyare was dropping, he thrusted his spear into Araduin's heart, sending him to the fields of Valhalla to join Lucius, Menelwyn, and Adovan. However, before his spear could be withdrawn from Araduin's corpse, Mercaine grabbed Moyare's spear and pulled him forward, dropping him to the ground and slaying him by leaving a gash in his back. Alexandru struck back at Mercaine before he could recover and hacked his leg, dropping Mercaine to the ground. A violent battle ensued between the two legless warriors, both swinging away at each other to no avail. Finally, in one final moment, both warriors wrapped their swords around their opponent's backs, killing each other. As they both dropped to the ground, letting out a final death groan, the field of battle fell silent. It was over.

A bird returned to the field. It danced among the branches of the trees, barely noticing the scene of death that lay below. It began snowing again, lightly covering the battlefield with a fresh coat of white, which had turned from a muddy brown to red with the blood of the fallen warriors. The deafening silence of the battlefield stood in contrast from the slaughter that had preceded it. It was over. Maethodoron still stands. Long live Maethodoron!
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