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CARPS in Mason, MI 3/30 to 4/1

Spring is upon us and the weather is fine for mortal combat, intrigue, and excitement! Face your enemies with your chosen weapon and fight for you lives, your kingdom, your honor... and treasure!

Immerse yourself in the rich, fully developed fantasy world of Phantara. Choose among elves, dwarves, humans, guthrie (halfling), gnomes, valkin-vi (something close to human), orcs or avayanna (bird men). A vast array of point-bought skills let you custom tailor your character to exactly what you want to be. Don't be stuck in a "class," be a Warrior who can pick locks, scroll cast, and make your own healing potions! Be a Mage who can hide in the deepest of shadows for protection, defend with a sword if you'd like, and spot the hidden door in the dungeon!

Our political structure is amazingly detailed. Join a royal House to serve your King with the official functions of government, or join a Guild to practice your trade. Gain influence with other Houses and Guilds to pull in favors!

*FREE Rulebook!
*FREE first event!

Please visit us at to check out the rules, advice, photos, and our forums. The event will be held at Camp Kiwanis in Mason, MI. Have questions? Need a ride? Need help with costuming? Feel free to email me, or for more information! We start on Friday night and play through until Sunday morning.

Live it! Do it! Be it!

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